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tip #1: remember, visual clutter is exhausting--be selective about what you display, and try rotating those tchotchkes that you absolutely can't live without.
tip #2: nobody's perfect! accept that everybody has a messy skeleton in a closet (or six.) for some it might be a drawer, for others a sky-high pile on a table--or even a whole-room disaster. don't be overwhelmed or embarrassed by it...
tip #3: take a deep breath and tackle the area that will have the biggest impact first. diving in gets your momentum going! the first step might be the hardest, but you'll be more likely to continue once you're racking up accomplishments and can really see your progress.
tip #4: if you simply have too much stuff--give your junk a one-way ticket out! create your own purging mantra like "less is more," and be ruthless! if you can't be objective about your own belongings, get help deciding what can go. donate things to a good cause.
tip #5: designate one specific zone for each category of stuff. once everything has a convenient home, you'll be more likely to put things away. this allows for easy access, space-maintenance, and organizational gold-stars for you and yours!
tip #6: the quickest way to a spruce closet: matching wooden hangers! they allow clothing to hang at the same level, giving a uniform and crisp look to your wardrobe. plus, they make space between items which helps you keep track of what you have and avoid squished suits.
tip #7: ever wonder why folded clothes look so great in a store? swipe this trick for keeping folds fresh and uniform--try using a cutting board. just place the garment face down. plop the cutting board on top with the handle at the collar. fold in the sides. fold up the bottom. slide out the board and flip the garment over. neat!
tip #8: magazine holders--they're not just for magazines anymore. use them to make vertical piles. they hide the paper within, keep the mess off your horizontal surfaces and control how much you can keep before you have to purge. they work well for almost any kind of project that generates paperwork.
tip #9: when creating a filing system design categories that make sense for you. spruce has clients with file names like "keepers" and "weird stuff". they work!
tip #10: attack the mail. you'll find invitations, announcements, promotions, bills, magazines, catalogs and lots of junk. your daily sorting system needs to accommodate these categories. designate a "one-stop-sorting" spot for all incoming post and keep your recycle bin very close at hand.
tip #11: keep project supplies together, grouping everything you'll need for a particular task. when paying bills, for example, gather stamps, return address labels, post-its, envelopes, checkbook and your favorite pen in a pretty or inspiring box--and don't forget the bills themselves!
tip #12: keep surfaces clear. resist the urge to stack a horizontal space just because it's there. put things away as you go--it only takes two things to make a pile! a smidgen of discipline, and you'll be more likely to enjoy your new, inviting space.

I LOVE MY DESK!!!! The sad thing was that I had to leave the house at 4:00 Friday to go on a Girl Scout weekend with our troop and all I really wanted to do was sit at my desk and play with my files all weekend. I got back yesterday evening and immediately filed a few things that had come in the mail. VERY COOL!!!!
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