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Rachel Siegel :: Founder

Some kids like dinosaurs, some are into bugs and mud, some dig the whole princess thing--Rachel Siegel has always organized: her mother's coupons as a small child, her friend's closet in high school, her own dorm room in college (over and over again) and the office supplies of any colleague who would let her. While working in a career in education (and organizing everyone and everything in sight), Rachel began to think about her next steps.

On a warm day in 2001, Rachel went on a walk with a friend. As the conversation turned to the past weekend's activities, they both spilled a not-so-dirty secret: they'd each ditched more glamorous plans to help organize space for a friend--and they'd had way more fun. This chance discussion between closeted organizers became Spruce. Today, Rachel Siegel heads Spruce, consulting on projects throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Rachel brings enthusiasm and a sense of humor to her work. Her genuine passion for organization is infectious. Clients quickly abandon their embarrassment and come to love the Spruce process. In fact, many are inspired to make organizational changes as a result of merely being in her presence!

Rachel earned her bachelor's degree in Mathematics at Union College in Schenectady, New York. She also holds a master's degree in Education from Stanford University. She has been a math teacher, a teacher educator and now, lucky for you, a Sprucegirl.
Genevieve Padget :: Senior Organizer/Project Manager

Genevieve started life as a Sprucegirl way back in 2004. She brings her grace and professionalism to each Spruce endeavor. Her ingenuity and good-humored approach are an asset on each project. Genevieve is a versatile, innovative problem-solver, and is excellent at seeing the big picture on an organizing job. A Peninsula native, she is currently completing her bachelor's degree in Women's Studies.
We want to thank you for a tremendous jobit has lowered our stress levels and we truly feel that our spaces are de-cluttered.
High School Math Teacher
San Mateo
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