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custom organizational solutions

Whether your goal is transforming your chaos and clutter into efficiency and order, or simply streamlining your lifestyle to save space, Spruce founder, Rachel Siegel, will consult with you to design custom organizational solutions to make your space work for you. Spruce provides the perspective, expertise, enthusiasm, and vision to help make your space truly functional.

We consult in person on home office, small-business and household projects in the San Francisco Bay area. Remote consultations are available anywhere.

spruce is for you if you

have ignored piles for so long they have their own ZIP codes

want to stop spending time playing "search and rescue" for your keys

are considering building an addition so you finally have a place to sit

have multi-use rooms that aren't useful at all

would rather hide in the dark than welcome a friend stopping by

are downsizing or upsizing

have no idea what's in the back of your closet

have a home office that is impossible to work in

spend more time managing your "to do" list than crossing things off

don't feel comfortable in your own home

are ready for your "before" to be transformed into an amazing "after"

You rock! My new Spruced out filing system kicks ass. You are just the greatest thing ever. Thanks again.
Josh LeBeau
The Digital Pants Company, Berkeley
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