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Spruce founder, Rachel Siegel provides consulting services for a range of clients from writers to product designers to strategic planning teams. These clients have found the right source in their search for a consultant with extensive knowledge about how people live, use, and interact with their belongings. Rachel is available on a daily basis for business consultation.

sample past projects:

:: Major international appliance manufacturer
Spruce had a long term contract with the marketing team to help them learn how American families think about refrigerator organization and consider areas for improvement. Part of the work included sourcing accessories and styling refrigerator interiors for print ads.

:: US/German design firm
Spruce consulted with designers and their clients on both mental models and general principles of organization. The designers were particularly interested in understanding the sorting process as a foundation for the product they were developing.

:: Major international retail chain
Spruce did several consultations with a task force charged with developing a new business initiative for a major retailer. The team was most concerned with Rachel's insights on organization in the residential market and used her expertise as a complement to their extensive focus group research.

:: National home and garden book publisher
Charged with writing a book about closet simplification, the publisher sought expertise for a generalist writer. Spruce provided a down and dirty tutorial on the subject.

:: Start-up organizational product company
Spruce consulted with the founder of a company that manufactures niche filing systems. This client was most interested in Rachel's expertise on marketing to the growing professional organizer market.

I got one little Spruce tip and it changed my life.
Robin Mencher
San Francisco Education Fund
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